Supporting local services

Partners in Recovery works with local services to promote person-led recovery for people living with mental health issues, build partnerships and improve access to services.

We work with a wide range of services to support people living with mental health issues, including services such as:

  • housing and real estate services,
  • crisis support services,
  • employment and education services,
  • health and AOD services,
  • social clubs, community groups and many others.

PIR and NDIS Transition

Partners in Recovery is not accepting new referrals from 30 June 2016. 

We are continuing to provide care-coordination support to existing PIR participants and will also be supporting current participants to:

  • Find out more about the NDIS
  • Test their eligibility for the NDIS
  • Apply for an NDIS Individual Funded Plan
  • Connect PIR participants to services and work together to achieve their goals.

If the person you are supporting is not a PIR participant please refer to the Recovery and NDIS Resources page for information on services that may be able to provide support.

Supporting Recovery in the Region

Recovery Integration Plans (RIPs) 

New England PIR has developed a Recovery Integration Plan (RIP) template and tools that provide guidance to organisations on how to develop their understanding of recovery and improve recovery-oriented service delivery to people living with mental health issues.

Recovery Integration Plans (RIPs) are very similar to Reconciliation Action Plans or Disability Action Plans.  RIPs support organisations to develop an understanding of mental health recovery by creating a plan on how their organisation will implement the standards set in the National Framework for Recovery Oriented Mental Health Services.

The intention of the RIP template and tools is to create a shared understanding of mental health recovery amongst organisations in our region and in turn improve their ability to support people with a lived experience in a recovery-oriented manner.

Getting in touch

If the person you support is an existing PIR participant you can contact us to discuss Partners in Recovery and NDIS transition support.

Consumer Representative Support

Judith Hill is available to provide information to people interested in or working with PIR, whether they are living with mental health issues, are carers, family members or service providers.  Judith states of her own lived experience “I had no voice, and nobody wanted to know or understand me and my needs. Now I do this role, to ensure this is not going to happen to you.”

Judith is also a key member of the NEPIR Consortium Management Group. 

Contact our Consumer Representative – Judith Hill